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    More reach - No hassles - Simple and Quick

    At AirtimePay, we strive to provide micropayment solutions to both digital and offline merchants, that enable them expand their reach and break through barriers in payment processing for clients who have difficulty paying with credit and debit cards.

    This solution is Airtime, being readily available to almost anyone and everywhere, this empowers our merchants to take payments from those who might not want to reveal their card details, or those who do no operate a bank account yet, or those who dont feel comfortable pulling out bank cards and incurring huge cost for little repetitive payments, we take care all that for you, enabling you to focus on delivering the best service to your clients.

    We Provide

    Tools that drive growth

    ““Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”

    James Penny

    AirtimePay Gives You

    24/7 Support

    Email, Chat, Tickets, Phone, mention it, we have you covered..

    Payment Button/ Pages

    Not a developer? Chill, we have you covered with payment buttons and pages, configure them and just "COPY AND PASTE" where you want. Simple.


    Anytime. Anywhere. No hassles.

    Analytic Tools

    Access in real-time your merchant statistics, make informed decisions about your business with detailed information about your business.

    Fast Payout

    We have a fast and seamless settlement policy that sees your revenue with you in less time.

    User Friendly

    AirtimePay is designed to make your micropayment processing easy and user-friendly for you and your clients.

    Low Fees

    Acccept payments without digging a hole in your pocket.

    Full Documentation

    We have designed and fully documented our robust API, to enable you get the best from this platform.