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    Not everyone of your customers will be able to pay with credit or debit cards, with the security and hassles involved, especially for smaller payments and we understand. So why not tap into an alternative that is readily accessible to 200 million Nigerians, old and young alike? Airtime.

    We provide you with the tools needed, to expand your reach with airtime-based micropayments for all kinds of digital merchants. You can set up and start accepting payments in minutes on AirtimePay.


    Why airtime?

    About AirtimePay

    With ubiquitous access to recharge cards, customers are 10x more likely to use airtime as a means of payment for digital goods.

    AirtimePay has made it so easy and convenient because you can complete various payments using airtime.

    Once your customer completes the payment, your wallet will automatically be credited instantly. Withdrawal can be made to your bank account.

    No hassles

    You dont have to worry about the technicalities, we have taken care of all that for you, have a good time with your clients.

    Fast & Easy

    Get setup to start receiving easy payments in minutes. Take your customers through seamless payment experience.


    Our platfrom allows you provide your customers with the most affordable means of making payments online today.

    Low fees

    Using AirtimePay gives you the leverage to offer astounding services with flexible and cheap micropayment facilities .

    AirtimePay Provides

    Airtime Payment System Nigeria

    Awesome Support

    We provide amazing support from set-up through integration to runtime client support, via Phone, Email and Chat. You're welcome.

    Quick Payout

    AirtimePay offers one of the quickest payout times as long you have sufficient balance on your wallet and payout request is approved.

    User-friendly Interface

    We built AirtimePay to be sleek and memorable, marvel your customers with some the simplest payment experiences ever.

    Reporting/ Analytic Tools

    Access in real-time your merchant statistics, make informed decisions about your business with detailed information about your business.

    Payment Pages/ Buttons

    Not a developer? Chill, we have you covered with payment buttons and pages, configure them and just "COPY AND PASTE" where you want. Simple.

    Robust Well-documented API

    Developer? Yes!!!, Access our well documented and robust API endpoints and make payment integration breezy. Libraries available. Thank you.

    How AirtimePay Airtime Payment Works

    How it works?

    Create a free account and login

    To access all our awesome features you need an AirtimePay account. Sign up now!!!

    Add Business Details

    Once you sign up, add information about your merchant business account. With your payout details

    Integrate and Earn

    Integrate with any of our payment methods, API, Pages or Buttons and begin earning cash for your products/services.